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After Democrat Flips Out Over Black Anthem – Americans Deliver Some Hard-Hitting Karma


This weekend, millions of Americans tuned in to watch the Super Bowl. Despite much progress, the NFL continues to find ways to pander to the woke left. The game was kicked off with our National Anthem.

But it seems to keep angry activists happy, the league also had a singer perform “Lift Every Voice and Sing.” This song has been dubbed the “Black National Anthem,” despite it lacking any official status.

To the surprise of nobody, few people in attendance bothered to stand for this fake anthem. A white Democrat from Tennessee was appalled and scolded the fans for not standing. That is when Americans roasted him online.

From Fox News:
“Very very few stood for ‘Lift Every Voice and Sing,’” Rep. Steve Cohen, D-Tenn. wrote on X. “The Negro National Anthem. Not a pretty picture of Super Bowl crowd.” Cohen represents a majority-Black district in western Tennessee…

One told him he should only stand for one national anthem, “The Star-Spangled Banner,” but Cohen wrote back, “I stand for both. And in Memphis, most do.”

Another told him the “AMERICAN” national anthem by Francis Scott Key “doesn’t see color. Dems have been the front line in dividing this country with race wars.”…

Critics have said the nation has only one true national anthem and serves only to divide races further.

Apparently, Rep. Steve Cohen is so “woke” and sensitive, he called the song “Lift Every Voice and Sing” the “Negro National Anthem.” I wonder how many Black Lives Matter activists would support a white man using an outdated term like “negro”?

Users were quick to challenge Cohen’s judgemental tweet. They pointed out that the audience stood for the real American National Anthem. Some explained that the “Star-Spangled Banner” represents all Americans, while the other song is “dividing this country.”

Cohen claimed that the National Anthem alludes to slavery, without supporting evidence. The song famously calls America the “land of the free.”

The NFL’s insistence to feature this controversial “anthem” is part of its ongoing efforts to prop up “racial justice” issues. Professional sports received a black eye from Americans during the anthem kneeling drama of several years ago. Sports leagues, instead of standing up for the country, cowered to athletes who used the controversy to advance their careers.

Many Americans continue to avoid supporting some sports over this issue. Some have spoken out about not viewing the Super Bowl, because they believe the NFL is putting liberal politics ahead of America.

Source: Fox News