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Shocking Obama Plot Just Came to Light – Hunter Ally Drops This Major Bombshell


Although we haven’t heard much about it lately, Republicans continue to hold impeachment hearings against President Biden. Republican investigators have conducted many interviews to get to the bottom of their suspicions.

They’ve questioned several of Hunter Biden’s former business associates. One who has provided plenty of information is Tony Bobulinski.

He recently sat down with investigators again. And he made a bombshell allegation about what Chinese entities tried to do to get influence over Joe Biden. This was going on long before he became president.

From Breitbart:
CEFC China Energy Co, a CCP-linked entity, tried to infiltrate the Obama administration in which it “successfully” compromised then Vice President Joe Biden, Tony Bobulinski told the House impeachment inquiry on Tuesday…

“The Chinese Communist Party through its surrogate, China Energy Company Limited, or “CEFC” … successfully sought to infiltrate and compromise Joe Biden and the Obama-Biden White House. This process started in the Fourth Quarter of 2015 and continued through when Joe Biden left office in January 2017 to March of 2018 when CEFC Chairman Ye was detained for corruption in China, never to be seen again.”

In what was a shocking claim, former Hunter Biden associate Tony Bobulinski stated that communist China “infiltrated” the Obama administration to “compromise” then-Vice President Joe Biden.

He stated that the CCP used the company China Energy Company Limited to successfully infiltrate the Obama White House. All to get influence over Joe Biden. Bobulinsky went on to say that influence started in 2015 and continued through 2018.

Republicans have thrown plenty of accusations against Joe Biden. They maintain that he used his son Hunter (and other family members) to receive bribes from China and other countries. In exchange, Biden might have been peddling influence for these countries.

There appear to be bank records and other documents that lend weight to these claims. And several former Hunter Biden associates have testified against Joe and his son. But Democrats refuse to even consider the possibility, as they appear to close ranks around the embattled president.

But what does appear to be evidence is that Joe Biden lied about his involvement in Hunter’s business. Biden long claimed he had never even discussed his son’s work. Yet several associates proved that untrue, as they met with Joe on multiple occasions to discuss business.

Source: Breitbart