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After Democrats Make Shock Israel Move – 2 Leaders Suddenly Betray Their Own Party


The October 7th attack by Hamas terrorists against Israeli citizens has changed the Middle East. Perhaps forever. At one time, there could have been a chance for a two-state solution, where both Israel and Palestinians had their own land and governments.

But thanks to Hamas, Israel is not willing to accept any kind of deal that grants Palestinians their own country.

Despite this, Democrats in the Senate pushed a resolution demanding a two-state solution. This could be seen as an anti-Israel statement, while Israel is battling a mortal enemy. Every member of the party’s conference signed this measure, except for these two.

From Fox News:
Senate Democrats have put forward a measure that endorses the creation of a Palestinian state backed by every member of their conference — with two notable exceptions…

Netanyahu said last week a Palestinian state would become a launching pad for attacks on Israel…

However, centrist Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., and vocal Israel supporter Sen. John Fetterman, D-Pa., have not signed on.

Democrats in the Senate signed an amendment to a pending national security supplemental package that calls for a two-state solution in the conflict between Israel and Palestinians.

This measure comes at a bad time. While Israel has, in the past, supported peace deals with Palestinians (which were rejected by Palestinian leaders), today they are opposed. Prime Minister Netanyahu has vowed to destroy Hama and free the 130 hostages that remain captive.

He stated that a Palestinian state, if created now, would only allow Hamas to continue to attack Israel. This is the same reason many have rejected a permanent ceasefire in the war, including former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Despite Netanyahu’s objections, every Senate Democrat demanded this solution, except for two. Moderate Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin refused to sign this amendment. And, in what might be a shock to many, so did Sen. John Fetterman.

Fetterman has been a vocal opponent of progressive Democrats who are spreading anti-Israel views. That has underscored a growing rift between progressives and moderate Democrats who support Israel.

Source: Fox News