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Supreme Court Delivers Stunning Biden Decision – This Ruling Has a Huge Impact on Joe’s Family


Devon Archer was a former close associate of Hunter Biden. He served on the board of Burisma, the infamous Ukrainian energy company that was paying Hunter millions. Archer became well-known to Americans when he testified against the Bidens before Congress.

Archer accused Hunter of using his father as a “brand” to acquire investments from foreign countries. Republicans have used Archer’s claims to build a case against Hunter and his father.

But Archer has his legal problems. The formerly close Hunter associate has been fighting a criminal case for years. It was finally taken before the Supreme Court. And the conservative majority did not feel charitable.

From Fox News:
The Supreme Court on Monday rejected an appeal from Hunter Biden’s former business partner regarding his criminal conviction for his alleged role in defrauding a Native American tribe…

A federal judge sentenced Archer to prison in 2018 for allegedly defrauding the tribe by fraudulently issuing $60 million in tribal bonds after he was convicted by a jury.

The ordeal stems from Archer’s alleged role in defrauding a Native American tribal entity and various investment advisory clients of tens of millions of dollars in connection with the issuance of bonds.

The Supreme Court refused to accept an appeal by Devon Archer’s lawyers over a guilty conviction from 2018. The former Biden associate had been found guilty of defrauding a Native American tribe.

According to reports, Archer was accused of cheating a tribe of $60 million, through fraudulent means. The tribe supposedly lost millions. Archer maintains his innocence, claiming he was unaware that the bond issue was fraudulent.

A lower court had previously thrown out the conviction. But it was later reinstated, as the judge said it was “too serious” to let Archer off the hook, as there was “no dispute about the harm caused to real people.”

Archer is facing a prison sentence of one year and one day. With the Supreme Court’s decision, it is unlikely he will be able to get out of the prison time.

Source: Fox News