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After GOP Move to Block Iran’s $6 Billion – President Biden Issues 1 Stunning Announcement


People around the world mourn the horrific attacks by Hamas against the people of Israel. As the sole Jewish state in the world goes to war, we learn more about these heinous acts. The group responsible has stated that it received help from a variety of groups, including the nation of Iran.

Many critics slammed Joe Biden for seemingly helping the rogue nation. One month before the attacks, the U.S. unfroze $6 billion in assets for Iran, in a prisoner exchange. Republicans accused Biden of aiding the nation–who is connected to the Hamas attacks.

At the start of the week, Biden’s administration refused to re-freeze these assets. Senate Republicans demanded the White House prevent Iran from gaining access to these resources. Now, the administration has issued its response.

From The Post Millennial:
The officials in the United States and Qatar have agreed to block Iran from accessing the $6 billion in assets unfrozen by the Biden administration during a prisoner swap with Iran last month.

Two sources familiar with the private remarks told the Washington Post that Deputy Treasury Secretary Wally Adeyemo told House Democrats on Thursday on the action, which comes as Iranian-backed Hamas terrorists have continued attacking Israel.

Word is coming out that the Biden administration and Qatar have agreed to prevent Iran from using the reported $6 billion in unfrozen assets. This comes after Republicans called on Biden to re-freeze these accounts.

Biden’s Secretary of State claimed Iran did not use any of these funds to help Hamas. But he also admitted that Iran “always” uses its resources to support groups like Hamas. At the start of the week, just days after the historic attack, Biden appeared unwilling to reverse his decision to unfreeze these accounts.

But since then, Biden has spoken on the shocking toll Hamas inflicted on helpless Israeli civilians. It appears he personally saw photos and footage of the people–including American citizens–who were brutally killed by Hamas.

It is likely that this knowledge compelled the administration to act. Growing pressure from Republicans and the international community no doubt also was a factor.

According to Coordinator for Strategic Communications at the National Security Council John Kirby, none of the $6 billion “has been accessed” by Iran. “Every dime” of those funds remains in the bank accounts.

Source: The Post Millennial