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Obama Deadline Comes Back to Haunt Biden – And It Could Have a Massive Impact on the War

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When Donald Trump was president, he was very hard on the nation of Iran. He ended agreements set up by the previous administration and crippled the rogue regime with sanctions.

But since Biden entered office, Iran was seemingly off the leash. Biden’s administration has failed to broker a new deal with Iran, yet it seems he has not issued new sanctions to hold the country in check.

And now, according to some reports, a measure is going to expire that could escalate the Israel-Hamas War. Biden has done little, it seems, to stop it.

From The Washington Examiner:
United Nations sanctions on Iranian missiles are set to expire next week amid concerns about Iran’s role in arming the Hamas terrorists that attacked Israel.

The sanctions were part of the Iran nuclear deal, formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, that the Obama administration helped negotiate in 2015.

The Oct. 18 expiration date of the U.N. embargo could allow Iran to begin buying and selling missiles around the world for the first time in years.

According to the original deal Obama made with Iran, rules prohibiting Iran from buying missiles are set to expire this week, on October 18th. This could lead to Iran buying and selling missiles to terror groups, including Hamas.

When Trump was president, Iran had little leeway. The president hammered Iran with sanctions and even struck some of its hostile leadership. But it appears Biden has reversed course, which could lead to more hostility from Iran.

Biden failed to secure a new deal with Iran that would have prevented it from acquiring WMDs and other weapons. Reports indicate that Iran was involved in the Hamas attack on Israel. The Biden administration has refuted those claims, seemingly defending Iran.

But many critics believe Iran was involved in the attack. Some reports state that Hamas credited Iran with supporting their plan to invade Israel.

The consequences of Iran gaining the ability to acquire missiles could be devastating. Biden has issued a thin warning to that nation, but it is unclear whether they are worried about this administration.

Source: Washington Examiner