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After GOP Underdog Gets Major Boost in Blue State – Nike Co-Founder Just Gave Her a Million-Dollar Infusion in Oregon


What’s Happening:

There’s one thing we know about the 2022 Midterms: they are going to surprise most of us.

Last year, Democrats were rocked by major upset losses during the off-year elections. And signs point to even bigger upsets this year.

But we’re not talking about races in swing or red districts. No, signs point to big upsets in deep-blue parts of the country. And in one razor-close race, a celebrity businessman just dumped serious cash into the Republican’s lap.

From Breitbart:

Nike co-founder Phil Knight has donated $1 million to elect Republican Oregon gubernatorial candidate Christine Drazan in an increasingly tight race against Democrat Tina Kotek…

The donation comes as Christine Drazan stands within striking distance of unseating Kotek in a deep blue state that has not elected a Republican governor since Vic Atiyeh in 1982.

This was an unexpected turn of events, to say the least. Famed co-founder of Nike, Phil Knight, donated one million dollars to help Republican candidate Christine Drazan beat sitting Democrat Gov. Kotek.

The race took a turn when recent polls show the Republican actually beating the incumbent liberal by 2 points.

A recent Emerson College poll revealed Republican Drazan beating Koteck, 36% to 34%.

Knight also donated millions to independent candidate Betsy Johnson. It appears the businessman isn’t endorsing Republican Drazan. He just wants to get rid of Kotek!

This is actually a growing trend within blue states. Liberal voters have suffered under Democrat leadership for years.

They were forced into their homes for nearly two years, while the rest of the country was open.

These residents watched as Democrats emptied the jails, ignored the rising homeless, and defunded the police.

And it appears there is a movement among liberal voters to strike back hard against incumbents who let things get this bad.

There is a chance that Republicans could win critical elections in blue states–both local and in Congress.

For a major businessman like Knight to give that much cash to a Republican shows you how unpredictable this election will be.

The only thing we know for sure is that Democrats are bracing for the worst.

Key Takeaways:

  • Nike co-founder Phil Knight donated $1 million to Republican candidate for Oregon governor.
  • Republican Drazan is actually leading incumbent Democrat by 2 points.

Source: Breitbart