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After Hunter Makes Jaw-Dropping Move in D.C. – The GOP Quickly Makes Him Pay for It


Several weeks ago, Hunter Biden defied a congressional subpoena. After agreeing to appear at a closed-door meeting, he refused to show up. Instead, he spoke to the press outside the Capitol Building.

Congress decided to move ahead with their investigations, anyway. But now, they planned on holding President Biden’s son accountable.

Hunter has been criticized for his checkered history and possible bribery. And it looks like he made things worse for himself when he crashed a hearing discussing his fate.

From The Washington Times:
Chairman James Comer, Kentucky Republican, said Hunter Biden broke the law by defying two congressional subpoenas to provide testimony…

Ms. Mace said Hunter Biden came to the hearing “for a political stunt” and “should be hauled off to jail right now for defying Congress.”

The president’s son fled the hearing room when Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Georgia Republican, began berating him.

Hunter Biden appeared at a hearing discussing a vote to hold in contempt of Congress. Republicans decided to challenge him. It seems he refused to answer questions, but had no problem disrupting a hearing he was not invited to, perhaps to stir up more controversy.

When Republicans turned up the heat on the man, he fled the room. Rep. Nancy Mace claimed Hunter shows up for a “political stunt” and claimed he “should be hauled off to jail right now.”

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene called out Hunter saying he was afraid to face “strong women” and that he was a “coward.”

Despite Hunter’s appearance and the chaos that ensued over it, the committee voted to hold Hunter in contempt of Congress. This vote will now move to the House floor. If it is passed by the House, it is sent as a referral to the Justice Department.

It is unknown how the DOJ will respond to a contempt referral. Many have accused the DOJ of being politically biased, based on reports it has worked to protect Biden and his family.

Republicans have claimed Joe Biden engaged in a bribery scheme with his son, Hunter. They point to bank records as evidence that the family took in money from foreign entities and funneled it to Biden, while he was vice president and since.

Source: The Washington Times