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Blue City Makes 1 Despicable Move Against Students – And Parents Are Downright Furious


We’ve seen, time and again, the problems raging in blue cities. Aside from crime and homelessness, high taxes and rising costs of living have forced thousands of Americans to flee these regions.

Critics have pointed to Democrat policies for much of the trouble.

One particular issue is getting so bad, that even liberal residents are fed up. In one major city, this crisis forced students out of their high school and onto remote classes. But when you find out why the city did this, you probably get fed up too.

From Daily Wire:
City officials in New York City are evacuating around 2,000 illegal immigrants from a tent shelter set up on an airfield due to high winds, and moving them to a high school gym.

Students were dismissed early on Tuesday as city officials were preparing the school for the migrants, and classes will be remote on Wednesday, according to NYC Republican Councilwoman Inna Vernikov.

Teachers and parents expressed disgust after New York officials forced students out of James Madison High School this week. Because of reports of a coming storm, the city is moving about 2,000 illegal migrants from a tent encampment and into the school’s gym.

The school had little prior warning about this move. Students were sent home and will be required to have remote classes, something lampooned during COVID as being ineffective.

New York residents have become increasingly vocal about the migrant crisis. Tens of thousands of illegal aliens are overrunning hotels, public spaces, parks, schools, and other locations.

The Democratic leadership of the city refuses to deport the migrants. The mayor has demanded millions from the White House but has not called on Biden to close the border. Similar situations are arising in other blue cities, forcing residents to grow disgruntled with their leadership.

Source: Daily Wire