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After Judge Issues Trump Gag Order – NY Supreme Court Drops A Major Threat On Donald

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Donald Trump is battling numerous lawsuits and criminal charges, in the months leading up to the 2024 Election. Many believe these cases are politically motivated, as Democrats have been accused of launching these suits to derail Trump’s campaign.

In one of these trials, a civil lawsuit considered frivolous by some, the judge has been accused of being anti-Trump. He infamously smirked at cameras at one point, leading some to believe he was not impartial.

The judge later ordered a gag on Trump’s speech, specifically citing a post he made about his clerk. The judge demanded the post to be deleted but when it wasn’t removed, he made a major threat against the former president.

From CNBC:
A judge laced into Donald Trump on Friday, floating the possibility of heavy sanctions or even jail time against the former president, over a “blatant violation” of a partial gag order in his $250 million New York fraud trial…

Engoron imposed a narrow gag order in the case earlier this month, after Trump sent a social media post attacking the judge’s law clerk.

Judge Engoron, considered to be an anti-Trump liberal by some, issued an order preventing Trump from discussing the ongoing case. He did this after Trump posted to his social media website a criticism of the judge’s clerk.

The judge was enraged over the post, despite it going up before his order. When it wasn’t deleted immediately, he threatened Trump with “sanctions” or jail time. The post has since been deleted, but that hasn’t stopped the judge from accusing Trump of spreading “untruths.”

Critics have questioned the legitimacy of this case. A jury has not been assigned to it. Instead, this sole judge–who has shown to have a bias against the former president–will decide the case. He has claimed Trump’s comments could lead to “serious physical harm,” without citing evidence.

The many cases against Trump have only enflamed his supporters. Many Americans believe Democrats are trying to hijack the 2024 Election, by preventing Trump from having a fair chance. This comes after 2020, when FBI agents refused to investigate Hunter Biden–over fears it would hurt Biden’s chances.

Many of Trump’s followers will believe this is a gross double standard; in contrast, Biden was spared an embarrassing investigation that could’ve cost him the election. But today, Trump is fending off more than 5 trials, including four criminal trials.

How badly this damages Americans’ faith in democracy, remains to be seen.

Source: CNBC