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Uncle Bernie Lands in Hot Water – Jaw-Dropping Scheme May Have Been Exposed in New Report


Sen. Bernie Sanders has long been hailed by his supporters as a champion for the working class. The self-described socialist has long attacked the richest “one percent” of Americans. During his failed presidential runs, he promised to help working Americans and punish massive corporations.

But is “Uncle Bernie” really the hero of the working man, as he claims? He has regularly been criticized for his personal wealth, largely earned through his political career. Critics have called out the fact that he is a millionaire, owning multiple homes.

Now, it seems he is facing fire for something he’s done with campaign funds. Uncle Bernie is following other congressional Democrats’ lead and funneling large sums of cash to his family. And it looks like an investigation could be close behind.

From Fox News:
Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., transferred $75,000 from his campaign’s coffers to his wife and stepson’s nonprofit during the third quarter…

The cash follows the $200,000 that the committee sent to the nonprofit earlier this year.

The institute was established by Sanders’ wife, Jane, and his stepson, David Driscoll, six years ago as a think tank to elevate progressive mouthpieces. However, the group has appeared to perform very little work while paying Driscoll six figures worth of compensation.

Sen. Sanders is coming under criticism for transferring $75,000 from his campaign to a nonprofit run by his wife and son. Sanders has also deposited $200,000 from his campaign to the Sanders Institute.

This group was formed by Jane Sanders and Bernie’s stepson, David Driscoll, six years ago. The nonprofit is touted as a “think tank” to supposedly “elevate progressive mouthpieces.” Such a claim is vague, in and of itself.

But the Sanders Institute has reportedly done little work in its six years of existence while paying Driscoll a six-figure salary.

Sanders isn’t the only Democrat who has been caught funneling campaign money to family members. Most of the time, however, politicians hire a spouse or child as staff for their campaign. They pay them large sums of money, without providing detailed explanations of what services they provided.

Uncle Bernie hasn’t hired his family. Instead, he has transferred large sums of cash from his campaign into his family-owned nonprofit. This isn’t illegal, according to federal campaign finance laws.

But how many supporters will appreciate knowing Bernie is taking their donations and giving it to a group that seemingly does little good?

Source: Fox News