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After Judge Makes Insane Fani Willis Ruling – Trump Fires Back With Surprise Move


The criminal case against Trump out of Georgia has been hit with twists and turns. The Democrat district attorney who launched it, Fani Willis, has been accused of a major conflict of interest.

A judge ruled that she had to leave the case or fire her romantic partner, who was the top prosecutor.

The consequences for Willis’ questionable actions are far from over. But neither Trump nor his legal team are happy with this ruling. It seems they think Willis needs to face a sterner response. And they are firing back with an appeal.

From The Post Millennial:
On Monday, Donald Trump and his eight Georgia co-defendants including Rudy Giuliani filed a joint motion calling on Judge Scott McAfee to grant a Certificate of Immediate Review of his order that allowed Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis to remain on the case to the Georgia Court of Appeals…

They went on to argue that the case law warrants “dismissal of the case, or at the very least, the disqualification of the District Attorney and her entire office,” adding that “the resignation of Mr. Wade is insufficient to cure the appearance of impropriety the Court has determined exists.

Trump’s legal team is calling on Judge McAfee to review his order against DA Fani Willis. The judge required Willis and her office to leave the case against Trump or fire Nathan Wade, her partner.

However, Trump’s lawyers don’t seem to think that ruling is strong enough. They believe that simply dismissing Wade is not going to correct the “appearance of impropriety” created by Willis’ actions.

After all, she decided to hire her boyfriend, pay him the highest salary among prosecutors, and go on luxurious trips with him—paid by him.

Many Americans watching this trial likely believe Willis is exploiting the case for her own benefit. They may doubt any claims that this case is about bringing justice to Trump or his co-defendants. Did Willis indict Trump because she thinks he’s a criminal—or because she just wanted to spend lots of money on her boyfriend?

That’s a serious problem that Judge McAfee might not have properly addressed. Trump wants Willis and her entire team disqualified. If that happens, another group of prosecutors will take over. This group might be less driven to convict Trump. They might even move for a dismissal.

Source: The Post Millennial