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After Chuck Schumer Betrays Our Top Ally – Donald Trump Delivers 1 Grave Warning


Far-left Democrats have seemingly turned on Israel. Progressive groups have sided with Palestinians, accusing the nation of Israel of “genocide.” These groups have even threatened Joe Biden, saying that if he continued to support Israel, he’d lose their votes.

It seems the Democratic establishment is terrified of losing the progressive vote this November. Even Chuck Schumer, the Senate Majority Leader, appeared to turn on Israel, demanding the people oust their leader Netanyahu. It is possible Schumer was attempting to pander to progressives.

Donald Trump is in no way pleased. He has long been a strong supporter of Israel, even moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem. After Schumer’s comments, Trump issued a warning to Jewish voters who support the left. He made a bold statement about Democrats.

From Breitbart:
President Donald Trump said Monday that Jewish voters who continue to vote for the Democratic Party after Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) demanded that Israel oust its leader hate Israel, and “hate their religion.”

[Schumer] took to the Senate floor last week to denounce Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and to demand new elections in Israel — in the middle of a war.

His call was echoed by President Joe Biden.

Donald Trump warned Jewish voters to stop supporting the Democratic Party. Pointing to Chuck Schumer and Joe Biden, Trump claimed that liberals “hate their religion.”

Most Jewish Americans lean liberal. About 70-80% of Jewish voters support the left. Yet in recent years, it appears Democrats are moving away from allying with Jews or Israel. The growing progressive wing of the party is extremely hostile to Israel, accusing it of being an apartheid state and committing genocide in Gaza.

Now it looks like “moderate” Democrats like Schumer and Biden are siding with progressives. They are becoming increasingly antagonistic toward Israel, in what might be a ploy to win back progressive voters.

Regardless of why, Democrats’ meddling against Israel can result in disaster. Biden is considering cutting off arms sales from Israel—which would lead to more devastation in the region.

It is unknown if Jewish voters will listen to Trump’s warning. But soon enough, they might not have a choice.

Source: Breitbart