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After Melania Suffers 1 Devastating Loss – ‘Soulless’ Trump Judge Makes Shocking Move


Many people have criticized the civil lawsuit against Trump coming out of New York. A Democrat attorney general, who long promised to “take down” Trump, launched the case after previous lawyers admitted there was no evidence.

The case appears to only have legs thanks to the judge presiding over it, a man accused of being a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat.

Recently, the Trump family received the tragic news that Melania’s mother passed away. Trump requested a delay in the case, to make obvious arrangements. Judge Engoron refused. And now, Republicans are outraged.

From Daily Caller:
Republicans in Congress slammed Judge Arthur Engoron for not delaying former President Donald Trump’s trial Wednesday in wake of former First Lady Melania Trump’s mother’s death…

“This trial has been a joke from the beginning and not delaying it because of a death in the immediate family only solidifies Judge Engoron’s political agenda,” Republican Montana Sen. Steve Daines said after the ruling.

Numerous Republicans in Congress came to Trump’s aid after Judge Engoron refused to honor a request to delay the trial after Melania’s mother died. The tragic passing of a mother and grandmother requires attention from nearly all family members.

Most people would expect Trump to offer support and comfort to his grieving wife. To deny a short delay so he can do that will be seen as cruel by many Americans.

Republicans were quick to blast the judge, whom they considered politically biased from the start. Judge Engoron has been heavily criticized for what appeared to be deliberate moves against the defendant. The judge denied Trump the chance to testify and he refused to let his team submit documents that could shatter the AG’s arguments.

Engoron infamously smiled at the cameras, when he kicked reporters from the courtroom. Many have accused Engoron of using the trial to elevate his own profile by attacking the former president.

One Republican called him “soulless” for denying Trump’s request. But it appears to be par for the course for a judge who might be using this case as a vendetta against a Republican leader.

Source: Daily Caller