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Manchin Shreds Biden With 1 Shocking Demand – These 4 Words Give Joe Nightmares


Sen. Joe Manchin rocked the Democratic Party when he announced he wasn’t running for re-election. The moderate Democrat from West Virginia might launch a late, independent bid for president. But he’s been spending his time, lately, criticizing the Biden administration.

The senator has, for a long time, complained about Biden’s rampant spending agenda. But now, he is commenting on a crisis that is poised to hurt many Americans. And he dropped a gauntlet on Joe with just for words.


From Washington Examiner:
Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) on Sunday told President Joe Biden to take executive action on the migrant crisis if negotiators cannot finalize the bipartisan border security deal soon… “Do what needs to be done to shut that border down and secure it until we can get a handle, or until the legislature can come to an agreement,” he explained. “But leaving it open, thinking that we’re all going to be kumbaya and it’s all going to come together, is not the prudent course to take, I believe.”

Sen. Manchin criticized Joe Biden’s apparent lack of movement on the border crisis. Since the Democrat entered the White House, millions of migrants entered the country illegally. With each passing year, more cross the border, creating what many are calling an unsustainable situation.

Republicans have hammered the administration for seemingly encouraging illegal immigration. Border Patrol and DHS are not turning migrants away, but letting them into the country. Biden is not deporting illegal aliens, but flying them all over the country.

Manchin is demanding Biden use executive action to close the border until a deal is made. Republicans have been fighting to pass legislation that could secure the border. Yet Democrats have been dragging out the issue, as the border only gets worse.

But it is unlikely that Biden will listen to Manchin’s demands. It is possible Biden has orchestrated the crisis in the first place, as some critics claim. His administration has apparently ignored the over 5 million illegals that have entered. And he’s ignored pleas from both red and blue states that are overwhelmed.

Source: Washington Examiner