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After Rand Paul Races to Save Top Congress Leader – She Says He Actually Saved Her Life


It’s not every day that we associate a politician with life-saving. Most of the time, our leaders are in the news over decisions they make that are unpopular with Americans.

But in one recent episode, we are learning that–sometimes–lawmakers can step up and show they can get the job down when it really counts.

The poise and skill of one senator were on display during a luncheon. One of his colleagues began to choke on her food. That’s when this Republican jumped into action.

From The Post Millennial:
Sen. Rand Paul came to the rescue on Thursday, jumping into action after fellow GOP Sen. Joni Ernst began choking on her food.

The Kentucky senator performed the Heimlich maneuver on his Iowan colleague, saving her from what could have been a serious incident.

According to reports, Republican Sen. Joni Ernst started to choke during a luncheon hosted for Senate Republicans. Ernst had put on the lunch, which featured food from her home state of Iowa. When Sen. Rand Paul noticed her distress, he quickly used the Heimlich maneuver to save her life.

The simple but effective measure was developed to dislodge a substance caught in a person’s throat. Paul was able to use it to avert a disaster.

After the event, he and Ernst addressed attendees, assured everyone she was okay, and proceeded to teach them how to detect when someone was choking.

Sen. Ernst later told reporters she was doing okay. Later on, she used the incident to criticize Democrat policies on Capitol Hill.

Fellow Republicans praised Rand Paul for his quick thinking and actions. Sen. Mike Lee called him a “HERO” and praised him for “saving lives.”

Sen. Paul might have been best equipped to help Ernst, given the fact he is a physician. But he revealed that training for the Heimlich maneuver was available at the Capitol.

Source: The Post Millennial