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Federal Court Delivers Historic Decision – This Ruling Is Terrible News for Illegals


Since 2021, the United States has struggled with a massive influx of illegal immigration. An estimated 5 million migrants have entered the country illegally.

Border states have become overwhelmed, claiming the federal government refuses to help.

Some states are taking matters into their own hands. They are even looking for ways to deport the most dangerous of these border jumpers. And a new federal court ruling could eliminate a major hurdle.

From Just the News:
A panel of the Ninth Circuit Court ruled Miranda rights don’t apply to warrant-backed civil immigration arrests, holding up an order to deport a Mexican citizen who had argued he was coerced into admitting his illegal status under an administrative warrant. Miranda rights are the formal warning given by law enforcement to individuals in custody of their right to silence and an attorney.

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals decided that Miranda rights are not applicable to arrests involving illegal immigrants. A Mexican citizen tried to get out of a deportation order, claiming he was coerced into admitting his illegal status while being questioned by law enforcement.

But the court decided that, because he was facing a “civil deportation proceeding” and not a “criminal trial,” the Miranda warnings do not apply.

Part of the Miranda rights read to people being arrested is that they have the right not to speak and can ask for an attorney. But it is a question of whether a non-citizen, especially one in the country illegally, has access to those rights.

In the case of deportation hearings, the court ruled an illegal immigrant does not. This can pave the way for states to take strong action in apprehending and deporting border jumpers.

It is common for immigration activists to provide legal protection to aliens who came to the U.S. illegally. These lawyers have long used the legal system to help ensure border jumpers can stay in the U.S., often finding loopholes to protect them.

This ruling could prevent these activists from exploiting the legal system for the interests of outsiders.

States like Texas have been fighting to find ways of protecting the border, absent the support of the federal government. A Supreme Court ruling prohibits state governments from deporting illegal aliens. But rulings like this might open a path for border states to better protect their residents.

Source: Just the News