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After Republicans Say “No” to Trump – The Party Gets Nailed with Brutal Karma


Recently, Donald Trump called on the Republican National Committee to end its scheduled primary debates. The former president had such a commanding lead over his rivals, that he believed it was better for the party to focus its money elsewhere.

Specifically, he wants the GOP to devote its resources to defeating President Biden and his agenda.

So far, it does not seem as if the RNC is listening to Trump’s suggestion. To many voters, it looks as if the party is not behind the man who will most likely be the nominee. And it seems few are willing to open their pocketbooks.

From The Post Millennial:
Ahead of the 2024 election, the Republican National Committee has dropped to a low of $9.1 million in cash on hand, the lowest in any Federal Election Commission report since February of 2015 for the committee…

“We’re going through the same efforts we always go through to raise money: the same donor meetings, retreats, digital advertising, direct mail. But the return is much lower this year. If you know the answer, I’d love to know it. The staff has managed to tighten down on expenses to keep the party from going into the red.”

The Republican National Committee is struggling to raise money, just one year before the 2024 Presidential Election. Democrats have double the funds of the GOP. According to one RNC member, the party is doing the same fundraising it’s always done. Yet, the return is “much lower.”

Most critics could probably explain to the party why this is the case. Despite Biden suffering the worst approval numbers of his career, being blamed by most Americans for the state of the country, Republicans are unable to bring in donations so they can beat him next year.

The only obvious reason is the GOP’s unwillingness to back Donald Trump. The former president has a commanding lead over the other candidates. Yet the party continues to put on debates, which must look like a charade to most voters.

On top of this, there hasn’t seemed to be much outrage or movement among Republicans against the Democrat prosecutions against Trump. Americans watch as Biden and his allies indict Trump again and again. However, the Republican Party has done nothing substantial to push back against what many call attacks on our democracy.

Aside from a few angry tweets months ago, the party is doing nothing to help Trump.

You don’t have to be a political analyst to assume this is why so few Americans are donating to the party at this time. People who are behind Trump have no interest in giving money to a party that refuses to support him.

Source: The Post Millennial