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New York City Just Passed 1 Insane Law – This Woke Move Leaves Everyone Speechless


For months now, large cities have been struggling to deal with the migrant crisis. These so-called sanctuary cities quickly became overwhelmed after red states sent a few thousand migrants to them.

In one blue city, the situation is so bad that the mayor claimed it will “destroy” the city. Other cities have begged the federal government for funds to house the growing number of illegal border crossers.

Despite this serious situation, Democrats have refused to deport these migrants. And while this one city is crumbling, its leaders decided to prioritize this issue.

From The Post Millennial:
New York City just enacted a law banning discrimination against height or weight… This means that in addition to other protected characteristics like age, gender, race, or religion, a person’s weight and height will also be considered protected identifiers under the law.

The law will bring fat discrimination under the jurisdiction of New York’s Commission on Human Rights. This is the body that heads up discrimination issues for other identifiers and characteristics, such as LGBTQ, race, etc.

New York is suffering from rising crime, exploding homelessness, unchecked drug abuse, and an endless flood of illegal border crossers. Despite facing issues that could destroy it, the city has prioritized criminalizing “fat discrimination.”

Democrats are frequently criticized for de-criminalizing harmful activities like drug abuse, vandalism, and shoplifting. Yet for some reason, New York’s Democrats have decided to make it a crime to “discriminate” someone for their height or weight.

Critics might point out the challenge it will be for someone to prove they are being “discriminated” over their height or weight. Will stores be forced to lower their shelves, out of fear that short customers can’t reach products?

Will restaurants fear getting sued because their chairs can’t accommodate the weight of obese visitors?

And how will this new law do anything to address the society-dismantling crisis that is the migrant crisis?

Democrats appear to be putting identity above enforcing the law. While migrants overrun parks, hotels, and public services, liberals are worrying about pronouns and “fat discrimination.”

Ironically, the mayor of New York, Eric Adams, is a “health-conscious vegan” who wrote a book chronicling how he lost 35 pounds. Despite his personal commitment to weight loss and health, the Democrat appears willing to encourage obesity and bad health decisions by others.

Source: The Post Millennial