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After Republicans Stop Biden’s Pet Project – Joe Has an Epic Meltdown on Live TV


With Republicans controlling the House, most of Biden’s agenda has come to a halt. The Democrat has been unable to push through any of his bills, which are almost entirely large spending measures.

Recently, Biden made a demand for yet more money to be sent to Ukraine. Much of the money Biden has allocated for Ukraine has gone to corporations that make weapons. Republicans refused to allow more funding, without addressing a much bigger problem close to home.

From Fox News:
Senate Republicans on Wednesday blocked billions of dollars in additional security aid to Ukraine, Israel and the Indo-Pacific, including Taiwan, as they pressed President Biden to focus on tougher measures at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Biden demanded another $106 billion of taxpayer’s money to pay for weapons and other items of war, to prolong the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Senate Republicans were successful at blocking this new measure because it did not include funding for the Southern border.

Thanks to the filibuster rule, Biden’s request fell short of the 60 votes it needed to proceed. Biden has been on the warpath, demanding more and more money for the Ukraine war. This comes as Americans increasingly question the U.S.’s role in the conflict, which has been raging for almost two years.

After suffering this defeat, Biden spoke before the public. It appears he is once again evoking strong words against his political enemies.

From The Post Millennial:
On Wednesday, President Joe Biden suggested that the policies being sought by the GOP members of Congress were “extreme,” and accused them of “playing chicken” with the United States’ national security by potentially paving the way for Russian advances.

Angry that he did not get another $100 billion for Ukraine, President Biden accused Republicans of “playing chicken” with the country’s national security. It is unclear why Biden is accusing Republicans of jeopardizing the U.S.’s security when it has been his administration that has allowed the crisis on the border.

Biden claimed Republicans were holding funding for more fighting in Ukraine “hostage” over their “extreme partisan border policies.” What he is calling extreme are demands by Republicans for the administration to enforce federal immigration laws, including deporting border jumpers and preventing criminal aliens from entering illegally.

The Democrat claimed Republicans want to “kneecap Ukraine on the battlefield.” Yet the growing sentiment among Americans is that the U.S. needs to stop bankrolling this foreign war. Many have questioned why Biden is so determined to spend billions on Ukraine when the U.S. is suffering from inflation and other problems.

Biden’s response does not appear adequate and might convince more Americans that Ukraine funding must stop.

Source: Fox NewsThe Post Millennial