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Just After Impeachment Probe Launches – Top Democrat Slaps Biden With 1 Bombshell Word


Many Democrats are getting worried about Joe Biden’s re-election chances, as he’s recently been suffering from poor approval polls.

On top of that, many recent polls show former President Donald Trump beating Biden by growing margins.

But that’s only the beginning for Biden. And now, another Democrat is revealing what might actually bring about Biden’s defeat.

From Fox News:
Democratic presidential candidate Rep. Dean Phillips said the GOP House impeachment inquiry into President Biden’s possible role in Hunter Biden’s overseas business deals could make the current president “unelectable.”

“I don’t see the evidence of it, but yes, when your own son and your own brother are clearly, at the very least unethical and at worst, doing illegal things — my goodness, of course the country pays attention to it,” Phillips said. “People do believe that it perhaps makes him unelectable — somehow, it conflates him with the Trump family’s indiscretions.”

Democrat Rep. Dean Phillips, who is currently running for president, accused the Biden impeachment inquiry of making him “unelectable.” Phillips said he doesn’t “see evidence” of Biden’s wrongdoings, despite overwhelming testimony, documents, and bank records.

However, he does seem to believe that all the press covering the House’s impeachment probe could convince many voters that Biden is guilty. Phillips had previously criticized the aging president for not “passing the torch” to a new generation of leaders.

It should not come as a surprise that someone running against Biden is saying these things. But the ongoing bombshell revelations about Hunter Biden and his father will certainly have an impact on the election.

Republicans have produced numerous bank records that show Hunter and other Biden family members depositing money into Joe Biden’s account. That money appears to have come from foreign entities, lending weight to accusations that Biden engaged in a bribery ring.

It is uncertain if the House will impeach Biden. But with the election coming up next year, all these revelations could torch Biden’s chances.

Source: Fox News