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Alan Dershowitz Just Exposed Obama – Makes 1 Disturbing Claim About Former POTUS


Former President Barack Obama broke a stint of silence to comment on the war in Israel. Many are criticizing his comments that “everyone is complicit to some degree.”

It is possible Obama is echoing comments from pro-Palestinian groups that have slandered Israel in recent days.

Now, top constitutional expert Alan Dershowitz is weighing in on what Obama said. And he claims, citing first-hand experience, this is what Obama really believes.

From Breitbart:
Harvard Law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz reacted to former President Barack Obama’s criticism of Israel in the wake of the October 7 terror attacks on its southern territory…

“I think he always had a deep hatred of Israel in his heart. He hid it very well. He called me to the Oval Office, and he said Alan, you know I have Israel’s back. I didn’t know he had a target on it. He has never been supportive of Israel. And finally,, his true feelings have come out now that he’s no longer president, doesn’t have to be elected.”

Dershowitz made a bold accusation against former President Obama, over his recent comments about Israel. The respected professor and legal expert claimed Obama has always had a “deep hatred of Israel in his heart.”

The expert referenced a time he spoke with Obama during his presidency. Dershowitz said that Obama told him he had “Israel’s back.” Dershowitz went on to claim Obama really had “a target on it.”

Dershowitz claimed Obama had “never been supportive of Israel.” But while he was in office, he had to hide his “true feelings.” Now that he is no longer running for public office, Dershowitz believes Obama can be honest about what he thinks.

Obama appeared to side with progressives who accused Israel of being “colonists” that stole land from Palestinians. They have called Israel an “apartheid state” and have all but blamed them for the horrible attacks of October 7th.

This siding with Palestinians and excusing or dismissing Hamas has created a growing rift among Democrats. Progressives have embraced propaganda from the terrorist group and have slandered Israel’s retaliation. And they are increasingly critical of President Biden and other Democrats, who support Israel’s attack on Hamas.

Obama’s comments might empower progressives and pro-Palestinian groups. Some of these groups have marched and protested against Israel across the U.S. One group even vandalized monuments in D.C. and tried to enter the White House.

Source: Breitbart