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Supreme Court Receives Urgent Petition – Could Shut Down Huge Blue State Restriction


In recent years, the Supreme Court has been critical in confronting progressive policies, both at the state and federal levels. The conservative majority has overturned Roe v. Wade, affirmative action, and other laws that threatened the First Amendment.

The court has been so successful, that some Democrats want to set term limits for justices or pack the court with dozens more.

Now, a group out of a blue state has petitioned the highest court in the land over a recently passed law. A lower court ruled to uphold this ban. But the Supreme Court might have other plans.

From Breitbart:
The Illinois State Rifle Association indicates they will ask the Supreme Court to review the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit’s decision that noted AR-15s are not protected by the Second Amendment.

The decision was issued by a three-judge panel of the court on Friday, which sided 2 to 1 against against a preliminary injunction issued against Illinois’ “assault weapons” ban…

[Seventh Circuit Judge Michael P.] Brennan made clear his belief that the Illinois “assault weapons” ban could not survive the Bruen (2022) test.

The Illinois State Rifle Association took the state’s recent ban on “assault weapons” to the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals. The three-judge panel ruled 2-1 against a preliminary injunction against a law that appears to be targeting semi-automatic rifles.

Second Amendment advocates have long criticized gun control groups for using incorrect and vague terms like “assault weapons.” Often, these groups (along with Democrats who support them) are referring to firearms like AR-15s, which are owned by millions of Americans nationwide.

The ISRA has revealed it will take this case to the Supreme Court. Last year, the court ruled against strict gun control laws passed by New York and other blue states. The ruling struck a powerful blow against states’ ability to legislate gun control.

The one dissenting Seventh Circuit judge appeared to believe Illinois’s gun ban will not stand up to the Supreme Court ruling. If the court ruled that New York could not heavily restrict gun ownership, then it would apply to Illinois as well.

This comes as President Biden has failed to pass his own gun control agenda. In previous years, he’s called on Congress to pass new gun control laws. In the aftermath of the recent Maine shooting, he renewed demands for a national ban on “assault weapons” and large-capacity magazines.

Despite enjoying a majority in Congress during his first two years, Biden was unable to get the legislative body to pass any gun restrictions.

Source: Breitbart