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Americans Have Spoken on the Trump Trials – Here’s How Conviction Would Impact 2024 Election


In an unprecedented move, Democratic prosecutors across the country have indicted Trump. The former president is facing four criminal trials, two of which came from Biden’s DOJ. Most Americans seem to believe these are politically motivated prosecutions.

Regardless of what you might believe, there is a very real possibility that Trump will be convicted in at least one of these trials.

Democrats might be assuming that will only help Joe Biden. After all, the failing Democrat would look pretty good, compared to a convicted Republican rival, right? Not quite. A new poll gauged voters on that very question. And it’s bad news for Biden.

From Breitbart:
President Joe Biden’s historically low polling numbers would not receive a boost if former President Donald Trump is potentially found guilty in any legal case against him, a poll shows…

Trump, along with some Republican lawmakers and conservative pundits, believe evidence shows Biden’s White House is involved in the several prosecutions of Trump.

A potential conviction would not greatly hurt or help Biden, a Leger poll reported by the New York Post shows:

  • Biden’s current support: 45 percent
  • Biden’s support upon conviction and imprisonment: 45 percent
  • Biden’s support upon only conviction: 44 percent
  • Biden’s support if Trump found innocent: 44 percent

According to a new poll published by the New York Times, a Trump conviction will do nothing to help Biden’s approval. Whether convicted or jailed, Biden’s approval remains well below water, according to this report.

This should not come as a surprise to anyone paying attention. Millions of Americans blame Joe Biden for the many crises hammering the United States. And many of them believe Trump is the only person who can fix them. Even if Trump is convicted, it won’t change the growing resentment Americans feel about Biden’s presidency.

Biden failed independent of Trump’s indictments. However, many believe that Democrats foisted this scheme as a way to distract from Biden’s failures and to make him look better than Trump.

But if Trump’s possible convictions do nothing to help Biden—it must mean Americans really dislike Joe Biden! Under Biden, inflation has hit record highs, new home buyers are out of luck, wages are declining, and migrants continue to pour over the border.

It seems no amount of prosecutions against Trump are going to change all of that.

Source: Breitbart