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Texas Executes Power Move Against Biden – They Just Struck Against Joe’s Worst Woke Rule


Texas refuses to play games when it comes to challenging the unconstitutional policies of the Biden administration. State officials have responded to Biden’s edicts by sending Joe reeling with harsh rhetoric backed by bold legal challenges.

When the governor of Texas personally handed Biden a letter demanding immediate changes to his restrictive orders, everyone knew the Lone Star State was ready for a fight. Republican Gov. Greg Abbott has not pulled any punches, and Biden is facing another round in the courts after action by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.

Texas has had enough of Biden’s administrative rules that undermine opportunities for women and girls. The state is ready and willing to fight for the rights of women as long as Biden’s policies keep pushing against them.

From The Daily Wire:
Texas filed a lawsuit Monday over the Biden administration’s new Title IX rules forcing public schools to allow trans-identifying males to compete in women’s sports and use women’s bathrooms.

“Texas will not allow Joe Biden to rewrite Title IX at whim, destroying legal protections for women in furtherance of his radical obsession with gender ideology,” Paxton wrote in a statement Monday. “This attempt to subvert federal law is plainly illegal, undemocratic, and divorced from reality. Texas will always take the lead to oppose Biden’s extremist, destructive policies that put women at risk.”

The Texas lawsuit followed a notice from the Education Department that unveiled new Title IX regulations to prohibit schools from enforcing blanket bans on trans-identifying males in girls’ sports. The federal agency posted the notice earlier this month and it is set to take effect in August.

Title IX is the 1972 federal civil rights law prohibiting sex-based discrimination at schools receiving federal funding. Biden’s changes to the law will apply to all public K-12 schools, colleges, and universities that receive federal funding.

Biden’s edict is set to take effect just as school athletics get underway across the nation this fall. The president’s rush to enact his Title IX changes arguably appears hurried as he faces a growing threat from former President Donald Trump in the 2024 presidential election.

Throughout his term in office Biden has openly promoted transgender policies that place an undue burden on females. He appears at times more concerned with supporting males using females’ bathrooms and males competing against women in sports that solving the nation’s immediate problems.

Texas isn’t standing alone in fighting what Paxton called Biden’s attempt to twist the federal law’s meaning to align with “radical gender ideology.” America First Legal joined Texas in the lawsuit and is serving as outside counsel for the state.

“The changes would fundamentally transform the educational atmosphere of publicly funded educational institutions, forcing communities to capitulate to unscientific gender ideology and putting girls and women at risk in K-12 schools and on college campuses,” the conservative legal group said.

Source: The Daily Wire