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‘Angel Mom’ Shocks the Entire White House – This $100M Bombshell Leaves Biden Stunned


Joe Biden implicitly invited illegal immigrants to come into the United States when he campaigned for president. Since Joe has been President, millions of people have flowed into the country, at an ever-increasing rate.

This flow of humans created a border crisis that has overwhelmed government services from small border towns to major U.S. cities. The crisis has also created other problems, including a virtually unchecked flow of illegal drugs and people with criminal pasts.

The effects of Biden’s open border, including deaths of Americans from deadly drugs and dangerous people, has escalated. Now Biden is being held accountable by a mother whose daughter was allegedly killed as a result of the president’s border policies.

Tammy Nobles, the mother of 20-year-old Kayla Hamilton who was allegedly raped and murdered by an MS-13 gang member, wants Biden to pay. Nobles is suing the Biden administration for her daughter’s death.

From The Daily Wire:
The $100 million suit accuses the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Health and Human Services of failing to stop the teenage El Salvadoran gang member from entering the country.

“I want everyone to know what’s going on at the border,” Nobles told Congress. “I had no clue what was going on before my daughter was brutally murdered and raped — but I do now. For me, this not a political issue, this a safety issue for everyone living in the United States.”

Nobles testified before the House Homeland Security Committee as part of an impeachment inquiry into Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. The family attorney described federal immigration actions as playing “Russian roulette with our lives” as U.S. citizens are being held hostage in their own country.

According to police, Hamilton, who had autism, was strangled in her Frederick, Maryland trailer home. The accused 17-year-old illegal immigrant ran away from a holding facility and ended up staying in the home, which was leased out by another illegal immigrant, according to the family attorney.

The lawsuit argues that the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) failed by allowing the suspect to be in the holding facility to start, failing to verify the suspect’s identity with a phone call, and failing to confirm a verified sponsor for him. A gang-related tattoo visible on the teen should have kept illegal immigrant out of the country, according to the attorney.

Authorities reported that DNA evidence at the crime scene led to the arrest. The suspect was charged with first-degree murder, rape, and robbery. He is being held without bail and a trial date was set for June 28.

Nobles said simple processes could have kept her daughter’s alleged killer out of the country.

“Nobody at the border did their job and checked his background,” Nobles told NewsNation. “All they had to do was make one phone call to El Salvador to know that he was an MS-13 gang member on the list.”

Source: The Daily Wire