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After Media Applauds Haley’s Big ‘Win’ – 1 Ugly Truth Comes Spilling Out


This week, voters in New Hampshire went to the polls in the next primary battle. After losing in Iowa, Republican Ron DeSantis dropped out of the GOP race. That left Donald Trump and his former staffer Nikki Haley to vie for the nomination.

Donald Trump is the projected winner, bringing in 54.5% of the vote, earning 12 delegates. But in what some media pundits are a victory, Nikki Haley brought in 43.3% of the vote, earning for herself 9 delegates.

Some have used this to claim the race is not over—and that Haley needs to continue to battle it out against Trump. But what the media is not telling you is that, most of the people who voted for Haley weren’t even Republicans.

From Breitbart:
Nikki Haley relied heavily on the support of Independents and Democrats in the New Hampshire primary yet still lost by wide margins.

Of Haley voters in the Granite State, CNN said, “about 7 in 10 said they were registered as undeclared prior to Tuesday.”…

New Hampshire’s loose requirements allow for voters to cross over, while future Republican caucuses and primaries will consist overwhelmingly of registered Republicans.

According to an exit poll from CNN, 70% of those who voted for Nikki Haley weren’t registered Republicans. The overwhelming number of votes she pulled in came from independents and Democrats.

That suggests that most of the people voting for Haley do not intend to vote for her in the general election. Instead, they are trying to prevent Trump from winning the nomination, perhaps because they fear he will defeat Joe Biden.

Some are calling Haley’s “victory” a mirage, thanks to these voters.

From Just the News:
But even in that handy defeat, Haley’s showing was somewhat a political mirage. Exit polling showed she captured only about a quarter of registered Republicans who cast ballots.

Those who say Haley has a chance in the coming primaries might be conveniently ignoring this fact. Most other states require registered party members to vote in the primaries. Democrats and independents won’t be able to skew the results, the way they tried to do in New Hampshire.

Critics will surely point out the hypocrisy of what these Democrats did. They accuse Republicans of being “threats” to democracy, yet it appeared they tried to derail the GOP primaries with this manipulative scheme.

Source: BreitbartJust the News