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Anti-Trump Prosecutor Faces Brutal Karma – Federal Jury Just Ruled on Her Corrupt Scheme


During the George Floyd riots in 2020, numerous cities in America were under siege by radical protesters. Spurred on by Black Lives Matter, these rioters nearly destroyed entire communities. In some cities, like Portland and Minneapolis, federal authorities and the military had to end the chaos.

In one city, a prosecutor railed against then-President Trump for restoring law and order. She even threatened to sue federal agents if they came to stop her city’s destruction.

It seems she had no problem with rioters destroying the city, but law enforcement saving the day. Now, this BLM-supporter prosecutor has been hit with major karma. And she is facing the music for something she did.

From The Post Millennial:
On Tuesday, a federal jury found former Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby guilty of one count of mortgage fraud and not guilty on a second count.

According to the Baltimore Sun, the verdict comes around three months after another federal jury convicted Mosby of perjury in November. In that case, Mosby claimed that she had suffered hardship due to the Covid pandemic, allowing her to withdraw $80,000 from her city retirement fund.

A former Baltimore State attorney was found guilty by a federal jury over mortgage fraud. Marilyn Mosby had recently been found guilty of perjury over the same situation.

The woman claimed hardship over the COVID pandemic and took $80,000 from her city retirement fund. But prosecutors claimed she used that money to buy properties in Florida worth $1 million.

She was convicted of perjury because she claimed in a letter that the money to buy the property came from Nick Mosby, her ex-husband.

Prosecutors claim she made “false statements” on her loan applications, which misled banks to give her money for the properties.

Mosby gained attention in 2020 when she wrote an op-ed attacking police who were trying to quell the destructive George Floyd riots. She wrote that President Trump was using federal authorities to go after “citizens by making illegal arrests, kidnapping people, assaulting them, or committing any other crime.” She vowed to sue the federal government over these outlandish claims.

Source: The Post Millennial