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AOC Commits a Despicable Gaffe – America Roasts Her for 1 Unbelievable Claim


Progressive Democrats in Congress have been outspoken in their attacks against Israel. Siding with Palestinian groups, they have condemned Israel’s war with terror group Hamas. Many progressives have even accused Israel of committing “genocide,” seemingly ignoring the attack on October 7th.

Recently, the Biden administration has pushed for a temporary ceasefire in the ongoing war. Advocacy group AIPAC spoke out against a ceasefire, and tagged progressive critics of Israel.

That included Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who has frequently attacked the Israel War. But instead of addressing the very serious concerns about sexual violence at the hands of Hamas, AOC made this shocking statement.

From The Post Millennial:
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has claimed that a pro-Israel advocacy group targeted her and other female representatives when it posted online, “A ceasefire now keeps these rapist monsters armed and in power in Gaza,” tagging AOC and others. The representative highlighted her own sexual assault instead to attack the organization…

AOC quoted the post and then wrote that the organization was “targeting women members of Congress who have survived sexual assault with [the] horrific rhetoric” the organization used.

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee highlighted recent reports revealing the depths of evil committed by Hamas terrorists against Israeli victims. The AIPAC stated that a ceasefire would keep these “rapist monsters armed and in power.” The group tagged AOC in its post, since she is pushing a ceasefire.

Instead of addressing the issue at hand, AOC seemingly made the conversation about her. She claimed the AIPAC is “targetting” female members of Congress “who have survived sexual assault” with “horrific rhetoric.”

The progressive Democrat did not address the reports of incredible sexual violence Hamas has committed against hostages. Instead, she seemed to suggest she has been a “victim” without explaining it.

She claimed the AIPAC somehow knew about her alleged history and was “targetting” her. Yet the post in question was about Israel and the ongoing conflict with Hamas, not AOC’s personal history.

This is par for the course with this congresswoman. AOC has made a career out of emphasizing her personal outrage, over facts and common sense. She is known for stirring up controversy and trouble while providing virtual zero solutions while in office.

Source: The Post Millennial