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Barack Obama Gets Cocky Over Trump’s Indictment Before Weakly Calling Out Dem Party

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Former President Barack Obama got a little cocky over former President Donald Trump’s indictment on CNN’s “News Central.” Obama blamed the Republicans for most of the problems we have in this country before weakly calling out the Dem Party for what they do. 

Christine Amanpour said: “The spectacle of a former president being federally indicted. How is the rest of the world, the democratic world, maybe even the non-democratic world meant to interpret that indictment and indeed the fact that a federal indictee is running, is able to run for the highest office in the land, maybe even the world?”

Obama said: “It’s less than ideal. But the fact that we have a former president who is having to answer to charges brought by prosecutors does uphold the basic notion that nobody is above the law. 

“And the allegations will now be sorted out through a court process. 

“And I think I’m more concerned when it comes to the United States with the fact that not just one particular individual is being accused of undermining existing laws.

“But that more broadly we’ve seen, whether it’s through the gerrymandering of districts, whether it’s trying to silence critics through changes in the legislative process.

“Whether it’s attempts to intimidate the press, a strand of anti-democratic sentiment that we’ve seen in the United States. 

“It’s something that is right now most prominent in the Republican Party, but I don’t think it’s something that is unique to one party. 

“I think there is less tolerance for ideas that don’t suit us. 

“And it’s sort of the habits of a free and open exchange of ideas and the idea that we all agree to the rules of the game, and even if the outcomes aren’t always the ones we like, we still abide by those rules. 

“I think that’s weakened since I left office, and we’re gonna need to strengthen them again.”