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Federal Judge Drops the Gavel on Biden – Delivers Major Blow to Joe’s Far-Left Agenda


What’s Happening:

Radical leftists screamed for years about gaining “equity” for all people. They demanded President Joe Biden make it the focal point of his administration.

Far-left activists jumped for joy when Biden created taxpayer-funded programs to enshrine equity throughout the “whole of government.” They praised him as if he had healed the land with a miracle.

Problem is that Biden-worshipping leftists and their dear leader left out the most important document for all Americans – the Constitution.

Biden’s forgetfulness of the real law of the land came back to bite him when a federal court slapped him back to earth for, get this, a race-based program.

From Fox News:

The Biden administration’s so-called “equity agenda” suffered a major defeat in federal court recently. In a lawsuit challenging the Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) — a new federal agency dedicated to helping only certain preferred racial groups.

Judge Mark Pittman, a Trump-appointee based in Fort Worth, Texas, delivered a remedial lesson in civics to the administration: “The Constitution demands equal treatment under law.”

MBDA is the program that point blank told white people they couldn’t get help because of their skin color. But others with the “equity approved” skin color received plenty of extra help.

Welcome to the foundation of “equity” – we’re all equal as long as you are the race of choice.

This lawsuit can get a little muddled because America is literally a melting pot of racial heritage. Does anyone’s skin color actually show where they “came from” in this world?

Biden tried to prop up certain races over others using the MBDA. Turns out Biden’s department of equity actually discriminates against, yes, you guessed it – minorities.

Under the MBDA, the court explained, minority business owners who own less than 51% of their business don’t get help. Biden’s plan really meant only preferred racial groups — Blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans, and some Southeast Asians.

What Joe did was create a publicly funded agency that boosts only minorities in his targeted voting demographic. Everyone else is out of luck for help under the deal.

The court spelled out the failures of this “equity” program for Biden and the far-left, delivering a major blow for Joe’s race-based plans.

From Fox News:

“Allowing this type of justification for a race-based program would give ‘governments license to create a patchwork of racial preferences based on statistical generalizations about any particular field of endeavor.’”

Joe and his far-left allies should listen to the words of Chief Justice John Roberts from a previous voting rights case, “it is a sordid thing, this divvying us up by race.”

But then again, Joe and the radicals are a sordid sort of “equity” lovers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Federal judge slaps down President Biden’s race-based “equity” agency.
  • Court exposes how Biden’s program actually discriminates based on race.
  • Race should never be a factor when seeking government services.

Source: Fox News