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Ben Carson Drops His Scalpel on FBI Trump Raid – The Good Doctor Accuses the Government of Becoming Like ‘Mao and Castro’


News continues to come in over the unprecedented raid on President Trump’s Mar-a-Largo home. Many are accusing Biden’s administration of politicizing the DOJ by going after a rival.

Already this shocking move seems to be backfiring on the left. Respected statesmen Ben Carson weighed in on the situation. And the good doctor slammed the D.C. swamp.

From The Daily Wire:

“Never in my lifetime did I think I would see an American law enforcement agency be run and weaponized like the FBI this evening,” Carson tweeted. “This is a frightening development in our modern political arena. This is the way of Mao and Castro, not Washington and Lincoln.”

Ben Carson blasted the FBI over their raid of Trump’s home. The former official accused the agency of behaving more like Mao and Castro, not Washington or Lincoln.

Mao Zedong, of course, was the communist dictator of China who was known for persecuting political adversaries.

The same was true of Fidel Castor, infamous dictator of communist Cuba. Castro was infamous for abusing his power to take down political rivals.

It’s no coincidence that Carson is referencing two communist dictators to describe the FBI’s actions. Joe Biden seems to have more in common with these socialist regimes, than with freedom-loving America.

For all of the left’s attacks on Trump as an “enemy” of freedom, it’s a Democrat administration who stormed a former president’s home and raided his personal possessions.

Nothing like this has ever happened in our nation’s history. Keep in mind, this is the very thing Democrats accused Trump of in 2019 when he spoke about Biden to Ukraine’s president.

They impeached him for using his power to oppose a political rival. But now, Biden’s FBI did apparently much more, raiding the home of a man the left fears will run in 2024.

But will Biden and his people be impeached? Not with the current Congress. Democrats are in no way bothered at how the FBI appears compromised and politicized.

They claim this was in the pursuit of “justice,” while Biden claims he knew nothing of this unprecedented episode.

I guess we’ll find out the truth soon enough.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ben Carson blasted the federal government for the FBI raid of Trump’s home.
  • He accused the agency of acting more like “Mao and Castro” not our leaders.
  • Biden’s FBI appears to be persecuting a possible 2024 political rival.

Source: Daily Wire