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Biden Blindsided by Conservative Power Move – This New Launch Exposes Joe’s Worst Failure


Some conservatives aren’t excited about a second Trump administration. But all of them agree that Joe Biden needs to be voted out of office. Large conservative groups dumped money into rival candidates’ primary campaigns.

But one pulled support from Haley after they were convinced she was not going to defeat Trump.

It seems like this group is heeding Trump’s advice. They are now spending their resources on exposing President Biden’s biggest problems. To that end, they just launched a website. And they are publishing information they say Biden doesn’t want you to see.

From Fox News:
Americans for Prosperity (AFP)… is announcing a new eight-figure campaign to showcase what it says is the “harmful impact” of President Biden’s economic policies on Americans.

The campaign features a new website, Bidenomics.com, which is the nickname for the president’s economic agenda and philosophy.

AFP argues that their website “will serve as a real-time resource for the truth on Bidenomics, up to date information about the economy, and fact checks of Biden’s latest misleading rhetoric on the economy.”

A conservative network is launching an eight-figure campaign to expose Biden’s “harmful impact” on the country. Part of their plans is a new website, Bidenomics.com. The website promises to feature in real-time the effects of Biden’s handling of the economy.

“Bidenomics” is the term used mostly by Democrats to describe Joe’s economic agenda. To most Americans, it has become a byword for Biden’s disastrous spending sprees, including a 2021 $1.7 trillion bill that triggered inflation.

Biden’s economic plan involved shutting down drilling for oil and gas. He has spent billions to push EVs and green tech, only for Americans to reject them. And it seems Biden is more eager to send money to Ukraine than on any plans to raise U.S. wages and lower inflation.

Inflation has been Biden’s biggest weakness and a highlight of Bidenomics.com. The website contrasts claims by Biden and his allies with facts about the economy, including how the cost of living is up 18% and climbing since Joe entered office.

This website could be used to educate Americans on Biden’s current—and future—plans for the country.

Source: Fox News