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Nikki Haley Delivers Shock Decision – This Is What She’ll Do If Trump Wins GOP Nomination


It seems that struggling GOP candidate Nikki Haley is on a scorched-earth campaign. She refuses to step down from running, despite the fact Trump is dominating the primary race.

Haley has issued shocking and ugly attacks against the former president. At times, she has even echoed the talking points of radical liberals in the media.

Trump enjoys the support of tens of millions of Republicans. Meanwhile, Haley is considered a RINO and globalist by many voters. She was asked if she’d support the party, should Trump win the nomination. This was what she said.

From Daily Wire:
Former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley suggested on Sunday that she may no longer honor the Republican National Committee pledge that she signed last year to support the eventual GOP presidential nominee because she believes the RNC is becoming too close to former President Donald Trump.

Haley turned on a pledge she signed at the start of the primary cycle. She suggested she would not support Donald Trump if he was nominated for president. Her excuse was that she did it to “get on that debate stage.”

Now, she appears to be trying to back out because the “RNC is now not the same RNC.” It seems she suggested that the party has been taken over by Trump claiming it is “Trump’s daughter-in-law.”

This is a reach by Haley. Lara Trump, the wife of Eric Trump, is campaigning to be the co-chair of the RNC. But she has not been elected by anyone and does not hold any official post. The RNC leadership from the start of the primary season is still in control.

Ronna McDaniel and others plan to step down, but the party is currently not being controlled by “Trump’s daughter-in-law.” Such a claim by Haley rings dishonest, especially as she plans on backing out of her previous pledge.

It is unknown why she would be so quick to turn on the GOP, should Trump win the nomination. Even Bernie Sanders supported Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, after losing to both of them.

Yet Haley can’t support Donald Trump—a popular former president she once worked for—even if he’s the country’s only chance at stopping Joe Biden?

This appears to be a common problem among Republicans. Democrats are quick to put aside their personal agenda, for the good of the party. But all too often, Republicans will sabotage their party’s plans, to grandstand for themselves.

Is Haley doing that now? We’ll find out if she refuses to put aside her primary loss and endorse Trump.

Source: Daily Wire