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Biden Commits Major Gaffe At the Worst Possible Moment – Even Reporters Are Left Speechless


This week, President Biden attended meetings with leaders in Israel. He discussed the horrific attack against helpless Israeli civilians, and he voiced support for the country’s efforts to bring Hamas to justice.

Critics have already laid into Biden for his disastrous conference with Prime Minister Netanyahu. The Democrat fumbled while he spoke and on top of that, despite having cheat cards that told him what to say, he seemed to ramble incoherently for several minutes before sputtering out.

During his flight back to the U.S., he was confronted by reporters on Air Force One. Naturally, they wanted some insight from the president on how productive his trip was, and this is how Biden responded.

From Daily Wire:
President Joe Biden rambled while talking to reporters on Air Force One late Wednesday night…

“Look, I spent an hour and a half about with the 17 or 18 before and–, I don’t know how to say this,” he said. “Virtually every–, mass shooting–, every–, circumstance where large number of people have been victimized and lost, I’ve spoken with them.”

Biden rambled after reporters asked him about his meeting with Israel’s prime minister. It appears he began talking about his meeting with Israel’s leaders but then trailed off, mentioning “mass shooting” and “every circumstance.”

Joe Biden has a reputation for being “folksy” and sometimes stumbling over his words. But in the past, his gaffes have always made a little bit of sense. Democrats often chalk them up to “Uncle Joe’s” characteristic “charm.”

But this Israel trip has only highlighted what many Republicans have been saying. They have frequently used these fumbles and ramblings to claim Biden is suffering some form of mental decline.

The video footage of Biden meeting with Netanyahu was troubling, beyond his rambling. The president appeared weak, confused, and lacking in stamina. Now, with this new footage, Biden continues to appear unable to answer questions.

Critics are also commenting on Biden’s response to a question about Hamas.

From Breitbart:
President Joe Biden had a rather tone-deaf response to the news Hamas terrorists mistakenly bombed a hospital in the Gaza Strip with a misfired rocket by saying they should “learn how to shoot straight.”

Republicans and other naysayers will no doubt use this interaction to further undermine Democrats’ claims that Biden is perfectly well. His continued struggles with communicating could be signs of bigger, lingering problems.

Source: Daily WireBreitbart