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New Poll Results Just Dropped – And It Shows Biden In Some Serious Trouble


Domestic and foreign conflicts have pushed news of politics away from the main headlines, but it doesn’t mean voters aren’t paying attention to the 2024 presidential election. People want answers to their questions and are looking to candidates to deliver on the problems facing Americans.

For one candidate the questions have been plenty, and he has been unable to deliver good answers whether it’s about the economy or foreign affairs. News travels fast these days and President Joe Biden has been hit with an avalanche of bad news. It is now worse as new polling numbers won’t make the incumbent president happy.

The Daily Caller is reporting that Biden is lagging behind former President Donald Trump in multiple key swing states for a hypothetical 2024 matchup based on a Thursday poll. Across the battleground states of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, Trump is leading Biden 47% to 43%, according to a Bloomberg News/Morning Consult survey.

In five of the seven individual swing states polled, Trump led Biden by anywhere from 1 point to 5 points, according to the survey. Biden’s only bright spots were a tie in Michigan at 44% and leading Trump in Nevada 46% to 43%.

And the economy still matters to voters in this election cycle. A majority of the battleground state voters also said the economy was better off under the Trump administration than it is under Biden, with 49% trusting the former on the issue rather than the latter at 35%.

Pessimism permeates in this voter poll when it comes to “Bidenomics,” the economic agenda for the president’s reelection campaign. Only 29% said it has been good for the economy and 49% said it has been bad, according to the poll. Among those who said the economy was the most important issue, they disapproved of Biden’s handling 65% to 14%.

These recent polling numbers are a stark contrast to Trump’s last performance when he sought re-election. Trump won Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Arizona and Pennsylvania in 2016 against Hillary Clinton, but lost them all to Biden in 2020. In both elections, Trump secured North Carolina, while the Democratic nominee won Nevada.

Other issues that have been at the top of importance for voters saw Trump winning over Biden. Swing-state voters trusted Trump more than Biden with handling key issues like immigration, crime, U.S.-China relations, guns, the Russia-Ukraine war, regulation of tech companies, housing, infrastructure and labor and unions, according to the survey.

Biden fared better than Trump on issues claimed by liberals such as education and schools, Social Security and Medicare, health care, abortion and climate change.

Source: Daily Caller