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Biden Family Rocked by Triple-Threat – The Floodgates Just Opened on Their Criminal Enterprise


Ever since the New York Times admitted the Hunter laptop was real, all kinds of things have been coming to light. The liberal media still ignores it all, but it’s getting hard for the Bidens to do the same.

We are discovering that many of the accusations about Hunter Biden have the ring of truth. Stories about him and other family members up to no good are coming out. Now, the floodgates are opening on this family.

Peter Schweizer is saying Hunter’s tax evasion case is a “slam dunk.”

From Breitbart:

Breitbart News senior contributor and Government Accountability Institute (GAI) President Peter Schweizer said during a Republican Study Committee (RSC) meeting that there is a slam dunk case to indict Hunter Biden on charges of tax evasion, Breitbart News has learned exclusively.

That’s just for starters. It appears that U.S. banks have flagged over 150 transactions by Hunter and James Biden.

From Daily Wire:

“CBS News has learned more than 150 financial transactions involving either Hunter or James Biden’s global business affairs were flagged as concerning by U.S. banks for further review. Some of those concerns included large wire transfers,” Herridge tweeted early Thursday morning along with a link to her report.

And if that’s not enough to doom this crime family, then what comes of this investigation will really hurt them.

From The Western Journal:

On Wednesday, however, we learned that a whistleblower is working with a team of information technology experts to recover a whopping 450 gigabytes of deleted material said to contain “80,000 images and videos and more than 120,000 archived emails,” according to the U.K.’s Daily Mail.

The Biden’s might think they are safe because old Joe is in the White House. But not even he might be able to stop this tsunami. A whistleblower in Zurich is trying to recover 450 gigabytes of deleted material from Hunter Biden’s laptop.

That data includes 80,000 images and videos as well as 120,000 archived emails. What this effort could uncover could shake the Biden family and the Washington establishment at large.

Hunter is already facing a bevy of problems. His tax investigation could lead to an indictment and conviction. And if that doesn’t stop him, this news from U.S. banks could.

Numerous banks are flagging over 150 transactions from Hunter and his uncle James. Some include large wire transfers.

This could be a smoking gun exposing the Biden’s international business dealings. And it might even link Joe himself to this wrongdoing.

We’ll have to keep watching for developments.

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