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Biden Hit with Damning New Report – It Shows His 1 Big Policy Is Backfiring


Way back in 2020, Biden promised Americans he’d “build back better” from the COVID pandemic. In his first month in office, he signed a “stimulus” bill that many claim ramped up inflation.

In the ensuing years, the federal government seemingly did little to fix the ongoing crisis. The situation only got worse after President Biden banned oil and gas drilling on federal land.

Rampant government spending and conflict overseas made the situation much worse. Biden claims he wants to “finish the job” in a second term. But he is getting hit with a damning report that his administration will not be able to erase.

From Just the News:
The number of Americans suffering from hunger and food insecurity exploded by more than 10 million under President Joe Biden, according to a U.S. Agriculture Department report this week that provided fresh evidence of inflation‘s impact of a basic staple of life.

The report found 44.2 million Americans were living in food-insecure households in 2022, compared to 33.8 million the year before.

Under the Biden administration, over 10 million Americans started to experience food insecurity. That means, ten million more Americans are struggling to afford food for their families, just in the last year alone.

This report did not come from a partisan news outlet, but the USDA–a federal agency that manages this kind of data. The USDA was forced to admit that the economy is the driving factor of food security.

Last year, Americans were forced to spend 15 percent more on food. Low-income households could not afford even a modest bump in prices (and 15% is not a modest bump), meaning that millions went without food.

This is a direct result of the staggeringly steep increases in prices Americans have seen over the last few years. Inflation is a major factor, but so is the price of energy–which continues to remain high.

High gas prices affect everything. Farmers and food producers have to spend more to provide crops and meat. Food manufacturers have to spend more to keep their facilities functioning. Distributors have to spend much more on gas for trucks.

The end result is that grocery stores and restaurants are spending more to acquire food, leading to higher prices for consumers. While some Americans can absorb those rising costs (painfully), there are millions who cannot.

Joe Biden has been touring America celebrating “Bidenomics.” But, as we’ve seen since the start of his administration, he is unwilling to acknowledge the data that contradicts his claims of success. Over ten million more Americans cannot afford food.

Forty-four million Americans cannot put food on the table for their families. That is not a number worth celebrating.

Source: Just the News