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D.C. Insider Drops Shock FBI Evidence – New Testimony Is Terrible News for Hunter and Joe


For what feels like a long time, Republicans have been trying to get to the bottom of the Biden family. Lawmakers have accused President Biden of engaging in a bribery scheme with his son and other family members.

Despite many reports, documents, and testimony, Biden and his family seemingly face zero consequences. The media appears to be ignoring the scandal. And Democrats refuse to even suggest it can be true.

There appears to be a good reason why Biden seems to get off scot-free. The highest law enforcement agency in the land seems to be on Joe’s side. And now, a federal prosecutor is dropping a bombshell on the FBI.

From Just the News:
In bombshell testimony, the federal prosecutor who initially probed the Biden family’s dealings in Ukraine told Congress his team had corroborated enough of an FBI informant’s claim of an alleged bribery scheme involving Joe Biden to merit further investigation but he encountered unprecedented foot-dragging and “reluctance” inside both the FBI and the Delaware U.S. Attorney’s office that took over the case, Just the News has learned.

A former Pittsburg U.S. attorney revealed to the House Judiciary Committee that his team had enough evidence to corroborate an informant’s claim against Joe Biden. The informant accused the Bidens of engaging in a bribery scheme.

Scott Brady said the investigation was met with “foot-dragging” and “reluctance” both inside the FBI and Delaware’s U.S. Attorney’s office. In fact, it appears he had enough evidence for a criminal referral.

It does not appear to go anywhere, thanks to the FBI seemingly interfering and slowing it down.

This is consistent with what we’ve been seeing for a while. Evidence that appears to implicate either Joe Biden or his son ended up in the hands of the FBI. But even before he was elected president, the agency refused to investigate.

In some cases, it deliberately shut down investigations against the Bidens, seemingly to protect them.

The highest law enforcement agency in the land is tasked with upholding the law. The FBI is supposed to investigate crimes and coordinate with the DOJ to prosecute criminals. Yet it appeared to go out of its way to prevent Biden from facing the least bit of scrutiny.

Critics will be outraged over this news, given how the FBI and DOJ treated former President Donald Trump. Trump facing numerous indictments based on what appears to be far less credible evidence. All related to a single event three years ago.

But Biden might have been engaged in years of bribery with entities overseas. The FBI had information going back to before the 2020 Election. Yet they did nothing.

Source: Just the News