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Biden Just Announced New Handouts – Guess Who’s Getting Your Taxpayer Dollars This Time


Many pundits have blamed Joe Biden for America’s ongoing economic troubles. Critics claim Biden’s massive spending program on rampant inflation. America’s energy production has taken a hit, partly due to Biden’s anti-fossil fuel policies.

Americans have questioned why Biden is sending billions overseas, while many Americans struggle to make ends meet. The administration has promised to increase welfare programs but has failed to provide a plan to improve wages.

This week, word is coming out that Biden is developing a new welfare program. It will provide “free food, housing, and medical services” care of the taxpayer’s dime. But not a single dollar will be going to American citizens.

From The Post Millennial:
Immigration Customs and Enforcement (ICE) has revealed that it is overseeing 5.7 million illegal immigrants, up from 3.3 million before Biden became president. This revelation came in ICE paperwork detailing the Biden administration’s planned “Release and Reporting Management” program that would provide free food, housing, and medical services to these illegal immigrants.

The initiative would cost taxpayers billions of dollars and is being compared to welfare assistance for illegal immigrants, the New York Post reports.

Biden’s immigration agency is being forced to provide welfare to an estimated 5.7 million illegal immigrants. This number is up from 3.3 million before Biden entered office. The new program will provide food, housing, and medical services to non-citizens.

Billions of taxpayer dollars will go to providing aid to those who illegally entered the United States.

The mainstream media has been reluctant to report on the border crisis. But conservative estimates suggest around 3 million migrants have entered the country through the Southern border since 2021.

The Biden administration revoked Trump-era policies that decreased the number of aliens crossing the border. The White House has prevented Border Patrol and DHS from securing the border. Instead, these agencies have been forced to allow migrants into the country.

Biden has reportedly bussed illegal aliens to various communities across the country. It wasn’t until Republicans started sending migrants to large, Democrat-run cities, that the media started paying attention.

At a time when Americans report that they are struggling to make ends meet, Biden will spend billions to take care of illegal entrants. It’s unclear how this news will go over with voters.

Source: The Post Millennial