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Democrat Party Revealed in Sick Israel Report – This is a Historic and Disturbing Flip


The world watches as Israel responds to a historic attack against their nation. Hamas invaded the country, killing over 1,000 victims, injuring many more, and taking hostages, often in horrific ways. Reports reveal Hamas received help from Iran and other groups, who seek to destroy the nation of Israel.

Soon after the news spread, people around the world expressed support for Israel. Many Americans offered prayers, as it was discovered that American citizens were among the victims.

But a surprising number of users online slammed the sole Jewish state in the world. Groups mobilized in major cities to support Palestinians–who celebrated the death and destruction. A poll reveals a shocking flip in support… among American Democrats.

From Fox News:
Democratic sympathies for Palestinians has increased over the last decade, and a Gallup poll published in March 2023 found their affinity toward the Palestinians finally eclipsed their support of Israel, 49% to 38%…

Meanwhile, across the proverbial aisle, Republicans overwhelmingly support Israel with 78% supporting the Middle Eastern ally. Only 11% expressed sympathies more with the Palestinians.

Democrat voters support Palestine over Israel for the first time in history. Forty-nine percent of Democrats polled support Palestinians over U.S. ally Israel.

Liberals. frequently paint Palestinians as victims of Israeli “oppression.” Media outlets and users online claim Israel forced Palestinians out of their homeland, portraying Israel as “colonialists” who have no claim on the land.

What is often neglected by the Left is the fact that Israel has ancestral claims to the land, going back thousands of years. In addition to this, Israel has frequently offered peace agreements with Palestinians, including land and other provisions.

Palestinians, though, have not accepted these offers from Israel. Rhetoric spread by Palestinians often encourages violence against Israeli citizens and the Jewish people. The current conflict was triggered by a horrific and unprovoked attack, in which Hamas murdered women, babies, and the elderly on one of Israel’s holy days.

It is troubling that American Democrats are increasingly supporting a group that spreads hate and violence. Democrats have long claimed to be a party of tolerance that advocates for peace. Yet their focus on supporting “minority groups” and supposed “victims” appears to be driving them to back a group that seems hostile to peace.

The Gallup poll was published in March of this year, however. There is hope that, in light of the recent attack, many Democrats will change their minds.

Source: Fox News