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Biden Just Got His Speech Report Card – Experts Hand Joe a Grade He Never Expected


Critics have not been kind to Biden’s State of the Union address. Yes, Democrats are trying to spin what sounded like a campaign speech. But Republicans ripped the speech apart, including former President Donald Trump.

Biden spent much of his time slamming Republicans and pushing a partisan agenda. Clearly, conservatives would not appreciate such an address.

But what did past presidential speechwriters think? Some of them quickly sounded off on Biden’s yearly address. And they were not kind, not at all.

From Fox News:
Saddled with negative approval ratings and trailing former President Trump in the latest polling average of their general election rematch, President Biden went for the jugular in primetime Thursday evening as he delivered the State of the Union address with eight months to go until the November showdown…

“This was the most partisan State of the Union I’ve heard in my lifetime,” said Bill McGurn, who served as chief speechwriter for then-President George W. Bush.

“No outreach to Republicans, and the clear message was this: the era of big government is back, with a vengeance,” added McGurn…

Marc Thiessen, who also served as a speechwriter for Bush, argued Biden’s speech was an “utter disgrace.”

Speechwriters for previous presidents are tearing Biden’s SOTU address apart. Bill McGurn, who wrote for Bush, said it was the “most partisan” SOTU he’s ever heard.

He blasted Biden for failing to reach out to Republicans, despite promising to “unify” the country when he entered office. Since becoming president, Biden has done seemingly nothing to bridge the gap between Democrats and Republicans.

Marc Thiessen, another speechwriter for Bush, called Biden’s address an “utter disgrace.” He said Biden’s attack on Donald Trump was “unprecedented” and the “most partisan start” of a SOTU address in modern history.

Clark Judge, a speechwriter for President Reagan, criticized Biden’s anger. He blasted Biden for “basically shouting and projecting outrage.”

Biden’s speech failed to address the many problems facing the country. He certainly did appear to alleviate fears that he is suffering from cognitive decline. Instead, critics have suggested he sounded like a failing dictator who is watching his empire crumbling before his eyes.

The man was at the height of his stubborn, senile rage. His speech only served to drive a wedge between himself and many Americans. Time will tell how badly it impacts his 2024 chances.

Key Takeaways:

  • Presidential speechwriters tore into Biden’s divisive SOTU speech.
  • They slammed the Democrat for his partisan attacks and anger.
  • Biden’s speech has been heavily criticized by users online.

Source: Fox News