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Biden Just Made His Biggest Israel Mistake Yet – And America Could Pay Dearly for It


Soon after Israel suffered its worst attack on Jews since the holocaust, President Biden scored support from Americans. His administration strongly backed Israel. He even traveled to the country to offer aid in their war.

Very quickly, however, the Democrat was hit with blowback from the left. To the shock of many Americans, progressives are siding with Palestine and Hamas.

Leftists in Congress have even pressured Biden to withdraw his support from Israel. It seems Biden is worried about losing progressive votes, in light of next year’s election. So, he issued a statement that will upset millions.

From Breitbart:
President Joe Biden called for a humanitarian “pause” in the Israel-Hamas war as the IDF mounts a ground invasion of the Gaza Strip…

“I think we need a pause,” Biden said…

He emphasized that his call for a pause in the war meant allowing “time to get the prisoners out.” Over 1,000 demonstrators were protesting nearby with signs that read, “Stop Bombing Children,” “Free Palestine,” and “Ceasefire now.”

During a campaign event in Minneapolis, a woman shouted at President Biden, calling for a ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas war. Experts have explained that a ceasefire at this moment would only help the Palestinian terror group.

But Biden, perhaps to pander to the approximately 1,000 pro-Palestinian protesters nearby, said there should be a “pause” in Israel’s efforts to root out Hamas. When others in the crowd disapproved, Biden claimed there should be a pause to get “the prisoners out.”

Biden did not appear to clarify his words. The White House might later correct his extemporaneous comments, which often contradict official stances.

The president did reiterate that Hamas was a “terrorist organization.” That will no doubt outrage pro-Palestinian groups in America, who have seemingly dismissed the heinous actions of Hamas.

But Biden’s call for a “pause” will not be welcomed warmly by Israel. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently explained that any form of ceasefire would only aid Hamas. If Israel were to “pause” their campaign, the terror group would use the time to rebuild, according to Clinton.

It’s unclear if Biden will change official U.S. policy to appease the radical left. Much of his presidency has been marked by bowing to the demands of far-left groups. Should Biden withdraw support from Israel, the consequences could be felt around the world.

Source: Breitbart