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Trump Just Unveiled 1 Genius Idea – This Would Save Millions of American Kids


Former President Trump enjoys a large lead, in the GOP presidential primaries. Because of this, it appears he has foregone traditional, primary campaigning and is appealing to voters across the political spectrum.

He is making his rounds to early primary states. But he is also making appeals to voters outside the Republican party.

He has made promises that will no doubt impress independent and swing voters. And, during a recent event, he made a vow that would make parents and students very happy.

From Just the News:
Former President Trump is making a reelection pledge that if he elected he would create a federally funded online university that awards free degrees, in response to those now in the U.S. that are “turning our students into communists and terrorists.”…

The former Republican president’s policy proposal calls for taxing large private university endowments to pay for a new institution called “American Academy.”

During a speech, Trump slammed American colleges saying they are turning students into “communists and terrorists.” He said this in light of recent statements made by numerous student groups from major universities.

College students have slandered Israel and seemingly defended the actions of terror group Hamas. Other reports suggest Jewish Americans are unsafe on college campuses, as pro-Palestinian student groups continue demonstrations and rallies.

Professors and school leaders have been criticized for either supporting the October 7th attack or refusing to openly condemn Hamas.

President Trump vowed to tax these colleges to create a free online university. He called it “American Academy” and the school will give credit to students for previous coursework. Those who earn credentials from this school will be able to apply for U.S. government jobs.

This announcement might come as a shock to far-right conservatives. A massive, federally-funded school that funnels students into government jobs is not what many small-government voters want.

Some might compare Trump’s plans with Biden’s student loan forgiveness program–which was shut down by the Supreme Court.

But this announcement might appeal to many moderate voters and independents.

Source: Just the News