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Biden Just Suffered Huge 2024 Loss to Trump – Look Who Just Switched Their Support


Recent polls from mainstream media outlets have not been good for the Biden campaign. Democrats might have assumed Biden’s re-election was a sure thing.

But battleground states are breaking for his top rival, Donald Trump.

And even a CNN poll revealed Biden was losing to Trump nationwide. Now, an NBC report is showing Biden losing a group nobody thought he could.

From The Post Millennial:
According to the NBC poll, 46 percent of respondents aged 18 to 34 said they would vote for Trump, compared to a smaller 42 percent for Biden. The poll has former President Trump beating Biden in a hypothetical general election matchup, 46 to 44 percent…

NBC is not the only organization to find that Biden is struggling with young voters in the polls; numerous public surveys have yielded similar conclusions.

In a poll some are calling a “stunner,” NBC revealed that 46% of young voters support Donald Trump in 2024. Biden has 42% of the same group. This covers the voting bloc of Americans aged 18 to 34.

Normally, this group of voters breaks for Democrats. Younger Americans are often viewed as very liberal or far-left. Yet according to these reports, this group is choosing former President Trump over the incumbent Democrat.

According to the poll, a major factor is how Biden has handled the Israel-Hamas war. Biden has received very low grades by voters for his foreign policy. But many, from conservatives to progressives, have opposed his reaction to the war in Israel.

Progressives have sided with Palestinians and are demanding a ceasefire. Conservatives are either upset over Biden getting too involved. Or, they think Biden is partly to blame for not detecting the Hamas attack, which they had been planning for two years.

Either case, voters are largely dissatisfied with Biden’s leadership around the world. The president has spent as much as $100 billion on the Ukraine war, with no clear goal in sight. The Biden administration has provided millions to South American countries, as Americans reel from inflation and other economic struggles.

With just one year before the election, Biden is at one of the lowest points of his presidency. His approval rating is dismal and numerous reports suggest he will lose a close race to Donald Trump.

It is unclear whether he or his team can turn it around by next November.

Source: The Post Millennial