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After Matt Gaetz Betrays Top GOP Leader – He Finally Gets Wrecked by Ironic Karma


For nearly a month, the House of Representatives was in free fall. Republicans battled to find a new Speaker, even as Israel was hit with a terrible terrorist attack.

It took over three weeks for the dust to settle, and for Mike Johnson to be elected Speaker.

The chaos will surely be used by Democrats in campaigns next year. And it was all started by one man, Republican Matt Gaetz. But now, the congressman is getting hit with karma.

From Just the News:
Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz is at a 21% approval rating in his home state, according to a poll taken right after Rep. Mike Johnson became House Speaker after a more than three-week-long contest that resulted after Gaetz led an effort to oust House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

Rep. Matt Gaetz is the Republican who moved to kick Kevin McCarthy out of the Speakership. With the help of Democrats, he successfully threw Congress into gridlock, for seemingly unknown reasons.

Gaetz was unrepentant for his attack on fellow Republican McCarthy. Even when Congress was unable to quickly respond to the horrible events of October 7th, Gaetz did not apologize to the American people.

For all his claims of being an America First conservative, Florida voters do not appear impressed. A new survey is revealing his approval within the red state has dropped to 21%. Only 12% of Floridians “strongly approve” of him, with 9% saying they “somewhat approve.”

A staggering 57% say they disapprove of Gaetz.

How this will impact his re-election chances next year remains to be seen. Gaetz represents Florida’s 1st congressional district, which covers the Northwest panhandle. Will voters from his district stand by Gaetz or will they accuse him of throwing Congress into chaos to grab airtime?

Critics had accused Gaetz of turning on former Speaker McCarthy to distract from his own ethics investigations. It is still a question if his personal scandals will impact his re-election chances. With Florida becoming an increasingly red state, it will require a strong conservative to primary Gaetz, to remove him from office.

Source: Just the News