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Biden Makes His Most Ludicrous Claim Yet – Even Democrats Are Quietly Laughing


It is not a secret that Biden does not get along with the mainstream media. Despite having strong, liberal leanings, Biden is often hostile to reporters and news outlets.

This has carried over into his administration, where his press secretary often scolds reporters or storms out of press briefings.

Biden spoke with reporters just before jetting off for Christmas. One asked him why he was polling so badly, especially over the economy. This is what Biden dared to say.

From Daily Wire:
The president spoke briefly with reporters on Saturday — just before he departed the White House to spend Christmas at Camp David — and he made it clear that he blamed the media for his floundering poll numbers, particularly with regard to his economic policies.

When one reporter asked Biden about his “outlook” on the economy going into 2024 and his re-election campaign, Biden replied, “All good. Take a look … Start reporting it the right way.”

President Biden continues to suffer from dismal approval polls. On top of that, he appears to be losing to Trump according to many national and statewide 2024 Election polls.

A casual observer would not be surprised to hear this. President Biden is not considered a successful president by anyone outside his administration. The country has suffered from numerous crises since the start of his term, most notably record inflation and the open border.

Yet, from the very beginning, Biden appears to have made the excuse that his bad numbers are because the media is refusing to report on the economy in a way that makes him look good. It seems Biden thinks the economy is doing much better than it actually is—and expects the media to report that.

It seems Biden’s administration wants the media to gaslight Americans into thinking the economy is doing well. Despite the fact that the average American is paying much more for food, gas, electricity, and other necessities.

Biden claimed the economy was “all good,” despite many reports, statistics, and documents that say otherwise. And it seems he simply wants the media to report it the “right way,” meaning in a way that makes him look successful.

But even if the media did dance to Joe’s tune, the American people would not buy it.

Source: Daily Wire