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Biden Slammed by New Legal Onslaught – 26 States Join Forces to Block His Top Agenda


When businesses and Republicans take the anti-capitalism fight to the footsteps of the federal government, it’s always a pleasant sight. Leftist bureaucrats for decades have attacked the American people with unnecessary and oppressive regulations.

Joe Biden’s administration has championed every radical leftist idea when it comes to government interfering with people just trying to live their lives. From so-called global warming to clean energy mandates to undermining fossil fuels, Biden’s minions have worked to hinder the nation’s capitalist society.

The president recently learned that the people have had enough of his bureaucratic nonsense. Biden faces a lawsuit that brings together dozens of states and businesses to stop his oppressive overreach in trying to achieve his leftist goals.

From the Washington Examiner:
States and industry groups filed separate lawsuits Wednesday to overturn the Biden administration’s fuel economy standards for vehicles, which aim to reduce both oil consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

“Congress did not give the NHTSA such power to reshape an industry in a way that would ultimately hurt the pocketbooks of consumers — this rule is legally flawed and unrealistic,” West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey said. “This will undoubtedly cause the United States to be dependent on other nations like China for our energy needs and will undermine American energy security by increasing demand and strain power grids.”

A coalition of 26 states, led by West Virginia and Kentucky, is suing the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to overturn the agency’s finalized rules enacting stricter fuel economy standards. The lawsuit called the requirements “unworkable” and argued they would lead to a forced transition to electric vehicles. The lawsuit was filed in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit.

That wasn’t the only lawsuit filed against Biden and the gang. The American Petroleum Institute, the largest U.S. oil trade group, the American Farm Bureau Federation and other agricultural and automotive groups, blasted Biden’s requirements. This lawsuit was like the one from the states but added a critical focus that rural and farming areas would be harmed.

These areas outside urban centers naturally have greater distances between gas stations, much less charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. Agricultural groups also argued that Biden’s oppressive standards would jeopardize ethanol demand which is vital to the business of corn farmers.

The NHTSA rule will increase the fuel economy standards by 2% each year for passenger cars in model years 2027 to 2031 and for new light trucks in 2029 to 2031. The standards will increase for new heavy-duty pickup trucks and vans by 10% annually from 2030 to 2032 and 8% from 2033 to 2035.

Both lawsuits challenge the NHTSA’s final rule, which was finalized earlier this month as exceeding the agency’s statutory authority and is “arbitrary, capricious, an abuse of discretion, and not in accordance with law.”

Source: Washington Examiner