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Kamala Harris Has Epic Post-Debate Meltdown – Even Democrats Left Speechless by This Video


By all accounts, Joe Biden crumbled in the first presidential debate of 2024. The whole world got to see what we’ve been saying for over four years. Biden is failing mentally and physically. He could not hold his own against Donald Trump. Even after the debate, his wife had to help him down the steps like a nursing home patient.

Even many Democrats are talking about replacing Biden in November. They know few voters will want to elect a man who is clearly not fit for leadership.

The only people refusing to admit this—are the ones benefiting from Biden being in office. His wife refuses to urge her husband to step down—because of the power she craves. But Biden’s vice president refuses to admit Joe’s problems, too. She even dared to praise Joe after the debate on CNN. But got run over.

From The Daily Wire:
Appearing on CNN, host Anderson Cooper asked Harris if she thought Biden needed to step aside.

“Yes, there was a slow start, but it was a strong finish,” she claimed…

Cooper immediately interrupted her and said: “I’m sorry on substance and policy and performance tonight. I mean, the president’s performance tonight clearly was disappointing for his supporters…”

When Cooper again pressured her on the debate, she lashed out: “I’m not going to spend all night with you talking about the last 90 minutes when I’ve been watching the last three and a half years of performance.”

Kamala Harris struggled to defend Joe Biden after his terrible debate performance. She shrugged off his horrible night, claiming he has had a “historic” three and a half years in office. Yes, his time in office has been historic, if by historic she meant historically bad for Americans.

Harris didn’t have a leg to stand on as Anderson Cooper hammered Biden’s failures. He said Biden failed on “substance and policy and performance.” Cooper even interrupted Harris when it was clear she was just pushing pre-written talking points.

You have to wonder why nobody within the Biden administration is talking honestly about Biden’s problems. His presidency has been a train wreck, yes. But worse than that, they have an elderly man suffering from decline in the most important role in our country.

Yet they pretend like everything’s okay when we all know it isn’t. Is Harris doing this so that she can inherit the White House? Is she really forcing Biden to stay in the race, hoping he’ll kick the bucket next year and she’ll become president?

It’s clear as day, folks. Joe Biden is not up to the job, and it’s painfully obvious to anyone watching. Kamala Harris can try to spin it all she wants, but even CNN’s Anderson Cooper wasn’t buying it. What we need now is honesty and leadership, not this charade.

Do you think the Democrats will finally wake up and replace Biden before it’s too late? Or will they keep pretending everything’s fine while the ship sinks? Let me know your thoughts!

Source: Daily Wire