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Biden’s Deep State Exposed in Shocking Report – Here’s the Secret Plot to Erase 1 Major Right


Joe Biden lost in his effort to create a ministry of truth that would work to control the free speech of Americans. Backlash over his plans forced him to dissolve the official group that would work against the voices of Americans.

That setback didn’t stop Biden who continued to formulate plans to suppress free speech and violate Americans’ rights. He and leftist Democrats are skilled at diverting their efforts through various federal departments to achieve the ultimate goal of silencing opposition.

Biden and his team were caught working against free speech rights after a lawsuit exposed a shocking government report. The Biden tyranny machine was in full force with efforts to censor independent voices and use government influence to get major organizations to fall in line with the administration’s line of thinking.

From Breitbart:
Internal documents obtained by America First Legal from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) have revealed a disturbing initiative to promote widespread censorship practices across various sectors, aimed at suppressing independent perspectives and alternative narratives.

Among the tactics included in the report, the agency advocates for “Advertiser Outreach” to cut “financial support” for those who don’t toe the government’s line.

This news organization has repeatedly implored its audience to read the book, 1984, to understand the plan that Biden is implementing. Read the book… now.

This “Disinformation Primer” from the federal government is an intricate web of planning and forced censorship authored by the USAID Center on Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance (DRG). The 97-page document outlines how Biden’s administration wants to censor and financially destroy independent voices.

The targeted voices aren’t exclusive to news media outlets. Biden’s team wants to censor and cut off finances to individuals, including those in the gaming community. Anyone with an opposition voice is considered a key threat to the government and should be censored and financially harmed.

To accomplish its goals, USAID developed broad plans to influence technology companies, media organizations, education ministries, national governments, and funding bodies to adopt censorship measures. USAID is supposed to be an independent agency of the federal government that administers civilian foreign aid and development assistance.

Biden used USAID to create the “Disinformation Primer” to undermine financially any disfavored media sources and social media accounts. The report argued that cutting “this financial support found in the ad-tech space would obstruct disinformation actors from spreading messaging online.”

Obstruct is an understatement as many independent news and social influencer voices that promote First and Second Amendment rights could be wiped out financially. They worked to build audiences and incomes that Biden’s administration wants to destroy.

The primer also supports efforts by major search engines, such as the liberal-leaning Google, to redirect users searching for “disfavored” content. The goal is to send these searches to establishment-curated information, i.e. what the government wants you to see, so shall you be directed.

Biden’s administration has now been exposed for its blatant attempt to manipulate public conversations and shape free speech into a narrative that fits his approved discussions. In line with that goal, the USAID definition of “malinformation” grants the federal agency wide discretion to censor public discourse under the idea that it is fighting against misinformation.

This primer falls so deeply in line with “Newspeak” as defined in 1984 that one could imagine Biden sitting at his desk in the Oval Office reading the book aloud and laughing at how he can thwart the rights of Americans. This effort by Biden’s team could set the stage to unravel the Constitution and the rights if affords citizens.

Source: Breitbart